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News | Oct. 20, 2015

Honduran Defense College Visits Soto Cano

By Senior Airman Westin Warburton Joint Task Force Bravo/Public Affairs

Members from the Honduran Defense College visited Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, Oct. 16, 2015, to better understand the Joint Task Force-Bravo mission and capabilities, along with the role it has in the Central American area of responsibility.

After a mission briefing presented by U.S. Army Col. Robert J. Harman, Joint Task Force-Bravo commander, visitors were taken on a tour of the base.

On the flight line the group interacted with the crews of HH-60M Black Hawk and the CH-47 Chinook helicopters and explored the interior and exterior of each helicopter platform. The helicopter's crews provided an outline of the in-depth mission capabilities of each aircraft used in medical rescues and cargo transportation, with various tools and equipment on display to bring the walkthrough to life.

The visitors were also given a very hot demonstration by the 612th Air Base Fire Department as a staged aircraft fire was extinguished right before the groups' eyes. The scenario involved three fire trucks with a command unit, demonstrating just how quickly the team could respond in case of a real fire.

The exposition concluded with a demonstration of the JTF-B medical center where visitors were able to see firsthand how mobile medical teams can set up surgical tents to perform various medical procedures. The medical team performed a mock surgery on an acting patient, who received a severe wound to the abdomen region. Defense College members were able to circle the surgical room and watch as doctors went through the motions of how to treat the patient.

The entire tour highlighted the long-standing partnership between Honduran and U.S. forces, specifically showcasing JTF-B's medical capabilities and assistance in countering trans-national organized crime.