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News | Feb. 10, 2016

Commentary: JSF helps CasAyuda get back to school

By Spc.PC Audie Colon Joint Task Force-Bravo, Joint Security Forces Unit Public Affairs Representative

A full, meaningful life is based on serving others;  this is the key.  Living is a little more human each day when giving some of what we have to those in need. To live is to show others that everyone is important, valued and that everyone has a place in society.

The Joint Task Force-Bravo Joint Security Forces, has a special commitment with the CasAyuda Foundation, a school comprised of almost 100 special needs children.  Each child requires individual attention for the development of their motor skills and learning. These children have a team of exceptional tutors that dedicate each minute of their time to make their days better. Even so, these people who are worthy of admiration, still need our help.

Recognizing their need, the team from JSF stepped up to help the children at CasAyuda back to school, collecting money among the unit to purchase backpacks, notebooks, and other school materials  needed.

It was immensely satisfying to see the smiles on their faces as they received their gifts, and impressive to see the will to overcome, the will to learn in the children. In spite of their special needs and limitations they put all aside to teach the JSF to overcome life's obstacles with a smile. The children taught us how to have compassion, patience and persistence.

The commitment of the members of  JSF is focused  on the well being of each child as well as the facilities they use. The unit's volunteers helped improve the esthetics of the  facilities, by painting and providing donated learning equipment to the  children.

It is important to highlight the work doesn't stop here, the relationship between JSF and CasAyuda will continue to develop, providing a chance for the volunteers to provide and receive smiles from those who call the CasAyuda Foundation home.