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News | April 11, 2017

La Paz, Comayagua Police force receives training

By Martin Chahin Joint Task Force-Bravo

To further strengthen the knowledge of the local police forces, 115 members of the National Police force Comayagua and La Paz participated in a Subject matter Exchange with Joint Security Forces personnel from Joint Task Force-Bravo, stationed at Soto Cano Air Base in Palmerola, Comayagua.

These exchanges were provided in both La Paz and Comayagua, where participants showed interest in developing their knowledge.

“This comes to strengthen our knowledge and formation as police forces. We have taken advantage of this opportunity and we will put what we have learned from U.S. forces into practice; hopefully they will continue to support us in these types of training,” said Jobel Molina, local police member.

The training consisted of immobilization of people and vehicle search techniques, including classroom time in the morning and practice in the field during the afternoon, with realistic scenarios where each of the participants had the opportunity to practice making a 6-person group.

“It’s a pleasure for us to be able to teach each and every one of the Police members participating in this exchange what we know, since certain things change when it comes to searching people because each country has his own way of doing things, and in this case, you have to be very careful” said Specialist Zabdiel Torres, JTF-Bravo Joint Security Forces.

“There are certain differences in techniques when it comes to searching individuals or vehicles to the ones we use in our country and it’s always good to learn how they do it so we can unify working techniques together,” added Molina.

For Specialist Torres, training should be more specific when it comes to vehicle searches, specially applied to searching for explosives or hidden cargo, since that is where he identified there was limited knowledge.

The SMEE lasted two days for both Police headquarters where partnership was strengthened between both participating countries.