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News | May 17, 2011

Weapons Secured

By Staff Sgt. Kimberly Rae Moore Joint Task Force-Bravo Public Affairs

Joint Task Force-Bravo personnel completed the Unit Armorer Certification Course here, May 13.

Upon completion of the Unit Armorer Certification Course all graduates will be able to perform physical security, inventory and maintenance of eight types of weapons, from 9mm pistols to .50 cal machine guns, in accordance with Technical Manuals, Army Regulations and DA Pamphlets.

The course is normally 10 days long, but it was condensed to allow Sergeant 1st Class Jack Graves, small arms team chief, to come from Fort Lee Virginia to teach May 9 through 13.

First, the class accomplishes text book work. They learn and are tested on key control, securing of arms within in an arms room and inventory of arms and ammunition. There is a written test following the training and if anyone doesn't pass they have to be retrained and retested.

Sergeant Graves said that wasn't a concern with the JTF-Bravo group though, "This class did great, they had an average test score of 96 percent and that's pretty impressive considering the diversity of this group."

The students weren't only Ammunitions troops, but also included Joint Security Forces, 1-228th Aviation Regiment and Medical Element soldiers.

"Everyone benefits from the course, for some it's a refresher but for others, learning is necessary because in combat everyone is an armorer," Sergeant Graves said.

The mood of the class was positive. They had a good time together whether they were helping each other master the material or ganging up to tease the lone Sailor, who by the way, seemed to hold his own pretty well.

"I've had a lot of fun," said SPC Angelia Mowery, Army Forces ammunitions specialist. "I love weapons and in combat we get so used to having our weapons on us that they are like our babies, so we have to learn how to take care of them."