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JTF-Bravo is a subordinate command of U.S. Southern Command, responsible for a Joint Operations Area which encompasses the seven Central American countries. Our focus is strengthening partnerships, maintaining personal readiness, and integrating JTF-Bravo capabilities with our partner nations. This focus enables combined operations to effectively counter regional threats, build our partners' capacity, and quickly respond to humanitarian assistance/disaster relief contingencies. 

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Progress Through Unity

Progress Through Unity

Joint Task Force-Bravo Operations:

  • Strengthen Partnerships
  • Counter Threats
  • Build Our Team

JTF-Bravo History

  • 1982: Palmerola Air Base is constructed
  • 1983: JTF-11 is established and later re-designated JTF-Alpha 
  • 1984: JTF-Alpha is re-designated as JTF-Bravo with added mission to deter Nicaraguan aggression 
  • 1992-1994: Transitional period; JTF-Bravo works on bilateral humanitarian and civil assistance operations 
  • 1997: Commander in Chief’s Theater Engagement plan issued, calling for Soto Cano to serve as strategic gateway to theater 
  • 1998: JTF-Bravo provides disaster relief assistance after Hurricane Mitch
  • 1999: 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment assigned as tenant unit from Panama 
  • 2000: 612th Air Base Squadron activation
  • 2002: JTF-Bravo’s mission revised to include joint and interagency operations 
  • 2007: JTF-Bravo dispatched medical team to Peru in response to severe earthquake
  • 2010: JTF-Bravo supported operation Unified Response in Haiti
  • 2014: JTF-Bravo provided aid to regions in Honduras following tropical storm Hannah 
  • March - April 2016: JTF-Bravo provided support fighting wildfires in Tela, Honduras and the Darién Province, Panama 
  • October 2016: JTF-Bravo provided assistance and humanitarian efforts to Haiti following Hurricane Matthew
  • March 2017: JTF-Bravo provides support in combating large forest fires in Honduras
  • September 2017: JTF-Bravo provides hurricane relief assistance in collaboration with USAID/OFDA as part of JTF-Leeward Islands  
  • 2019:  JTF-Bravo provides aerial transportation assistance in Panama during Operation Darien Lift.
  • 2020: JTF-Bravo supports rescue, disaster relief and humanitarian assistance missions in Honduras, Guatemala and Panama after devastation left by hurricanes Eta and Iota.
  • 2021: JTF-Bravo deployed approximately 200 personnel in support of JTF-Haiti after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake devastated the country.