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Army Forces Battalion


Army Forces Battalion


Army Forces Battalion is a dynamic expeditionary battalion that provides administrative and logistical support to Joint Task Force-Bravo joint operations and activities throughout the Central America joint operations area in order to enhance regional security, stability, and cooperation.

ARFOR  provides mission command and conducts foreign humanitarian assistance and disaster relief for up to 14 days in support of JTF-Bravo and U.S. governmental agencies. The battalion’s mission is to execute sustainment operations for JTF-Bravo within Central America, countering transnational organized crime, situational assessment, humanitarian assistance, disaster relief, and building partnership capacity.

The battalion has served in the Republic of Honduras since 1985 and is ready to deploy anywhere within the Central America Joint Operations Area as a resilient, integrated team, capable of executing diverse mission sets in the most demanding operational environments.


Motto: "Corazón de Bravo" (The Heart of Bravo)


Battalion History


The history of the Army Forces Battalion dates back to 1985 with the formation of the battalion as part of Joint Task Force-Bravo at Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras. Throughout the 1980s, ARFOR assisted JTF-Bravo in coordinating numerous large and small-scale exercises in Honduras, participated in missions focused on supporting the United States national security objectives and helped deter the expansion of communism in Central America.

In the 1990s, the battalion’s focus shifted to providing logistics support and assisting in the training of the Honduran Military in their fight against drug trafficking. Throughout this period, ARFOR also provided logistic support to virtually all deployment activities by members of the US military to Honduras. Additionally, the battalion assisted in hurricane relief and infrastructure development in the region.

Presently, the battalion’s focus remains on providing logistic support to JTF-Bravo and the major supporting commands for both daily and contingency operations, with the additional mission to man, equip, and train JTF-Bravo’s SOUTHCOM Situational Assessment Team, tasked with gaining situational awareness and providing recommendations to further military deployments during a disaster response.