NEWS | March 13, 2014

Field sanitation training prepares Army battalion for austere conditions

By U.S. Army Spc. Cory Cantlay Army Forces Battalion

During the early morning hours of March 5, multiple Headquarter Support Company, Army Forces Battalion (ARFOR) vehicles carrying equipment and water essential to assembling the E-lite Camp System drove to the Soto Cano Air Base motor pool to conduct a field sanitation training exercise .

The exercise, which occurred during the battalion's weekly "Sergeants Time Training", allowed ARFOR members to become proficient in assembling the E-lite Camp System the next time ARFOR or Joint Task Force-Bravo goes to the field.

"This training is important because it allows us to maintain our field readiness and stay proficient on field sanitation should we ever need to go to the field", said U.S. Air force Tech. Sgt. Luis Lozano, ARFOR Supply Non-commissioned Officer in Charge.

The E-lite Camp System provides military members the ability to take showers and perform personal hygiene while living in field conditions.