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JTF-Bravo Engineers test eBee TAC Survey Drone
October 30, 2023
This training highlighted the vehicle's capabilities and limitations in a humanitarian aid or disaster response.

1-228th Aviation Regiment conducts overwater hoist training
October 18, 2023
This training reinforced the company's ability to provide humanitarian aid and disaster relief response efforts in a water-based scenario.

JTF-Bravo excels in multinational HA/DR exercise
June 21, 2023
JTF-Bravo excels in multinational HA/DR exercise

Keel Billed Toucan 2023 flexes JTF-Bravo's medical, aviation skills in Panama
May 15, 2023
Throughout the week-long exercise, the 1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment delivered more than 399,000 lbs. of building materials to remote locations and the MEDEL administered care to more than 1,200 patients.

JTF-Bravo commander visits Civil Affairs Teams and Regional Partners in Guatemala
March 28, 2023
U.S. Army COL Phillip Brown, Joint Task Force commander, speaks with soldiers from the Batallon Humanitario y de Rescate following their demonstration and commends them on their hard work to ensure their home country is safe Mar 27, 2023. Joint Task Force Bravo Commander visits with regional partners and Civil Affairs teams in Guatemala from 22 - 29 March 2023 to reaffirm the task forces commitment to our regional partners and discuss how to strengthen respective partnerships.

Joint Task Force Bravo supports CENTAM GUARDIAN
March 28, 2023
Service members from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras present participating nations flags during the closing ceremony of CENTAM GUARDIAN in Guatemala City, Guatemala Mar 27, 2023. CENTAM GUARDIAN is an annual exercise designed to build humanitarian assistance/disaster response functional capacity, enhance readiness to combat common threats, and promote cooperation and interoperability between participating forces.