FACTSHEET | Sept. 21, 2020

Joint Task Force-Bravo

Joint Task Force- Bravo operates on the Honduran military installation, Soto Cano Air Base, located in the Comayagua department, Honduras. It is comprised of more than 600 U.S. military personnel and more than 500 U.S and Honduran civilians.

JTF-Bravo works to build partnerships with Honduras and other Central American countries to foster security, stability and prosperity for the Americas by conducting a variety of missions that range from supporting U.S. Government operations, to countering transnational organized crime, to humanitarian assistance/disaster relief efforts and building partner capacities. The successful completion of these missions allows JTF-Bravo to promote security throughout the region, which is the foundation for stable and productive societies.

The Caribbean, Central America, South America and the U.S. share common interests and security concerns. JTF-Bravo is committed to promoting our mutual interest of security and progress, as reflected in our motto, "Progress through Unity."

Joint Task Force-Bravo History 

U.S. and Honduran forces have conducted combined training exercises as early as 1965. At the request of the Honduran government, the size and number of those exercises increased in 1983.  

Fully established in August 1984, JTF-Bravo was created to exercise command and control of U.S. Forces and exercises in the Republic of Honduras, and is a subordinate command of the United States Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM). Before being designated JTF-Bravo in 1984, this task force was known as JTF-11 and then as JTF-Alpha.

Major supporting commands that make up Joint Task Force-Bravo

JTF-Bravo consists of five major supporting commands:

- 612th Air Base Squadron (612th ABS): operates a day and night, all-weather C-5 capable airfield, and provides base operations support, air traffic control, weather, crash fire rescue, logistics and civil engineering support to JTF-Bravo and theater-wide USSOUTHCOM operations.

- Army Forces Battalion (JSB-ARFOR):
ARFOR is dynamic expeditionary battalion that provides administrative and logistical support to JTF-Bravo joint operations and activities, including security forces and medical personnel. ARFOR provides mission command and executes sustainment operations anywhere JTF-Bravo operates within the SOUTHCOM AOR. 

The 480th Military Police Company is comprised of members of the Puerto Rico National Guard. The 480th MPC provides on-base security and protection during exercises and operations the task force participates in anywhere within the USSOUTHCOM AOR. Soldiers also engage in community relations and subject matter expert exchanges with local and CENTAM forces. The State Partnership Program links the PRNG to Honduran forces where soldiers participate in engagements that mutually strengthen forces, enhance readiness, and promote interoperability.

The Combat Support Hospital / Surgeon Cell is comprised mostly of Army Reserve members, providing a wide range of medical services for military personnel stationed at Soto Cano AB, operating from a clinic on base with personnel that range from X-ray technicians, to dentist, to surgeons. The medical personnel not only maintain the health of our service members, but also coordinate medical and surgical readiness training exercises with Central American ministries of health to conduct persistent-engagement missions throughout the region.

1st Battalion, 228th Aviation Regiment (1-228 AVN): conducts general aviation support and medical evacuation operations in support of JTF-Bravo and theater-wide USSOUTHCOM operations. The 1-228 operates 10 UH-60, 6 CH-47 and 4 HH-60 helicopters.