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Posted 9/25/2015 Printable Fact Sheet

What inbound members should know:

The following items need to be completed before arrival to Honduras.

Passport & Clearances

A official no-fee passport is required to enter Honduras for permanent change of station and temporary duty personnel. Personnel traveling to Honduras in a TDY status for 29 days or less may enter the country with a valid identification card and travel orders in accordance with the Foreign Clearance Guide (https://www.fcg.pentagon.mil/fcg). All personnel are encouraged to initiate a passport request upon assignment notification. The Honduran Government, through coordination with the JTF-B Liaison at the U.S. Embassy, will allow personnel to enter the country for up to 90 days if the passport is delayed. Contact JTF-B/J1 for assistance with passport issues at DSN 449-4114. Additionally, all personnel need to obtain Theater and Country Clearances prior to arrival (see Reporting Instruction for additional information).

Immunizations and Medications

The following immunization must be valid for the duration of assignment: annual Influenza, Hepatitis A (two shot series with the second shot six months after the first), Hepatitis B (required for medical personnel, recommended for non-medical), MMR, Polio, Tetanus/Diphtheria, Typhoid and Yellow Fever.  Negative HIV results must be recorded within six months of assignment as well as recorded results of the Purified Protein Derivative (PPD) tests for tuberculosis.

All personnel must take anti-malaria medications while at Soto Cano Air Base. All personnel should receive sufficient supply to cover their entire length of stay plus an additional 42 days. Tablets should start two weeks prior to arrival, continue while in country and for four weeks following redeployment.

Since the pharmacy's availability of medications cannot be guaranteed due to supply limitations, personnel with chronic medication needs should bring sufficient quantities to cover the entire length of their stay. All personnel must enroll in the TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (http://express-scripts.com/TRICARE) and will receive needed medications through the mail.

Administrative requirements

- Passport
- Theater and Country Clearance
- Power of Attorney
- Immunization Record
- Government Travel Card
- Medical and Dental Records
- SGLI Option Form
- Record of Emergency Data
- ID card (CAC)
- ID tags (2 sets)
- 10 copies of orders
- Copy of last performance evaluation
- Weapons Qualification Scorecard
- Physical Fitness Test Scorecard
- Valid Drivers License
- Copy of Defensive Driving Certificate
- DTS Account
- Human Rights Certificate
- Anti-terrorism Level 1 Certificate
- SERE 100
- Isolated Personnel Report (ISOPREP)

Army Personnel
- Certificate of Clearance (JPAS)

Air Force Personnel
- OJT Records (E-6 and below)
- Weight Management Case File
- Family Support Record / Care Plan

Doctors, dentists, physicians assistants and nurse anesthetists need to fax a copy of their transfer brief, delineation of privileges, current license, MD/DO/DDS/PA/RN/CRNA diploma and any special diplomas to the Medical Element credentials section at DSN 449-4376 or email Juana Torres (juana.e.torres.fn@mail.mil) no later than 60 days prior to arrival. The Honduran Ministry of Health requires these documents to grant provider privileges. If you have questions, contact DSN 449-4165.

Required Equipment

· Physical training uniform
· Civilian clothes
· Running shoes
· Personal hygiene items
· Shaving kit
· Bath towels
· Shower shoes
· Wash cloths
· Watch/alarm clock
· Patrol cap
· Uniform T-shirts
· Boot socks
· Underwear
· Boots- 2 pair
· Shoe shining kit
· Class A/B with rank (PCS)
· Class B with rank (TDY)
· Mess Dress (CDRs/DIRs)
· Beret (USA)- 1

Contact Information (DSN: 449 XXXX)

Command Group / SJS 449- 4177
J1 Personnel and Manpower  449 - 4114
J2 Intelligence 449- 4120
J3 Operations 449 - 4413
J4 Logistics 449-5076
J6 Communications 449-4922
J8 Budget / Contracting 449-4769
J9 Civil Military Operations 449-4151
S1 JEB/1-228th 449-4280 / 6471
Joint Security Forces 449-4170
612th Air Base Squadron  449-6717
Army Support Activity 449-6237

The country code for Honduras is 504. If calling from the United States, commercial dial 011 504 2713-5123 + extension number, or dial direct via DSN at (312) 449 + extension number.

World Wide Web
The JTF-Bravo website contains useful command information and policies, as well as information for family members. Service members as well as their families can also keep up with current base events and all JTF-Bravo activities through our social media platforms.  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jtfbravo
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jtfbravo

All activity photos will go on our Flickr page which you may find at:

Dress & Appearance

- Service regulations governing standards of uniform wear and appearance will be followed.
- JTF-Bravo newcomers should become familiar with Command Policy Letters upon arrival.
- JTF-B Standards and Discipline is the JTF-Bravo commander's policy that outlines expectations for individual conduct and behavior while at Soto Cano Air Base. Compliance with this directive is mandatory.

Uniform wear

- The service fatigue (ABU/BDU/ ACU/NWU/A2CU) is the duty uniform.
- PCS personnel will bring the service dress uniform. TDY personnel will bring the Class B uniform. MSC Commanders and Directors should bring mess dress uniforms for special occasions.
- Aviators or service members whose duties involve flight operations can wear flight suits.

Civilian clothing

- Clothing will reflect good taste and decency.
- Attire with sexual or demeaning messages, logos or drawings will not be worn.
- Service members will not wear uniforms off base unless conducting official duty.
- Appearance must create a favorable impression.
- Men must wear shirts with sleeves off base, but collared shirts are not required.
- Wear civilian clothing while traveling on civilian air in the U.S. Southern Command area of responsibility.

General guidelines

- Identification tags must be worn in uniform or while flying.
- Service members will comply with respective service regulations for jewelry, tattoos and piercings.

For additional questions and information, please email:

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